Reflection: Lesson Planning "A Sound of Thunder" Socratic Seminar - Section 3: Independent Practice - Halftime With Coaches


I worked in a two year lesson study with 3 other ELA teachers and a district curriculum specialist where we focused specifically, at one point in the study, on discussion and Socratic Seminars. One of the great teachers I worked with introduced the idea she uses in her classroom of "pilots" and "co-pilots" in the discussion. i really liked the basic principles of her process, but wanted it to be something that really connected to me and my general process. I am a huge football fan and began likening my version to that. It also really seemed natural in terms of the timing and the way the discussion was segmented as well. I also liked the connotation of coach as it meant more regarding support and feedback, rather than direction and instruction. That is just my interpretation. Regardless of the semantics, I think the structure of the process is what is the most important.

  What Led to Halftime?
  Lesson Planning: What Led to Halftime?
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"A Sound of Thunder" Socratic Seminar

Unit 1: Argument Writing
Lesson 1 of 13

Objective: Students will use their analysis of the story and their own research about time travel and the butterfly effect to have an effective discussion.

Big Idea: So What You're Saying is...

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