Reflection: Student Grouping "A Sound of Thunder" Socratic Seminar - Section 4: Guided Independent Practice - Round 2 of the Discussion


When I pair the students up, I do not just flip a coin as to which students go in the first round or the second. I carefully balance my go-getters and more reserved students for each discussion. This, in combination with the partnering I have determined helps me to position each student in a way that provides the most opportunity for success. I place most of my consistently quiet students, or those who struggle in involving themselves in these types of discussions, in partnerships with a student who I know to be supportive, helpful, and a good role model in class. I also tend to put more of these students in the second round of the discussion so they are able to spend the first half building confidence in preparation for their turn. The key idea here is to provide these students with as many structures to support their success as possible. These are also the students I make it a point to stop by and check in with during "Halftime" and prior to the first half as well.

  Who Goes When? Why?
  Student Grouping: Who Goes When? Why?
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"A Sound of Thunder" Socratic Seminar

Unit 1: Argument Writing
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Objective: Students will use their analysis of the story and their own research about time travel and the butterfly effect to have an effective discussion.

Big Idea: So What You're Saying is...

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