Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Mice Squeak, We Speak - Section 1: Warm up


Part of the learning in my class is having fun.  Sometimes having fun is frowned upon, but we are five years old and having fun is one way of keeping them engaged.  As I put the cards up on the pocket chart I allow them to make the noise that each animal makes to communicate with other animals.  The concept may be new to some of my ELL students that animals talk to each other, just like we do.  It is fun to talk like an animal and pretend to say "hello" or "What are you doing?".  We quickly move on to the concept that we talk to each other, we speak to each other and we say things to each other.  The higher students are going to grasp the speech bubble concept and use it in their response writing.  It will be fun to see who actually does use the speech bubble.  

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Mice Squeak, We Speak

Unit 3: Animal Adventures
Lesson 10 of 14

Objective: With prompting and support the SWBAT write an informative sentence in response to listening to the story; Mice squeak, We speak.

Big Idea: The students with understand that animals talk to each other but sound different from us. They will write a sentence to show the difference.

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