Reflection: Conferencing "A Sound of Thunder" Socratic Seminar - Section 5: Exit Ticket - Self and Partner Final Evaluation


I have simply had students in the past complete a self evaluation and turn it in to me. What I found was that many of them were superficial and did not seem to have much impact on the students' abilities and participation in future discussions. When I had the partners come back together and compare notes, I found the impact was notably better. I thought I knew why, but I still chose to ask students about it to be sure. Many of the students shared with me that, when their partner noticed something about them that they had also noticed when self-evaluating, it made more of an impact because it reinforced it and "made it real" for them. Sometimes, it wasn't even something that a student wrote about themselves, but thought about and chose not to include. This process of sharing and comparing made these students recognize the things they perhaps didn't want to hear at the time. In these situations, the students were able to process the feedback and receive that confirmation without having to acknowledge they had also noticed that particular concept or trait, which is non-confrontational and carries a little less "sting." Even though I have worked hard with my students and my team of teachers to build a culture of support and respect, these students are still sensitive young people, so this is a great way for them to get the feedback they need, but in a way that is maybe more palatable for them.

  The Power of Reinforcement
  Conferencing: The Power of Reinforcement
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"A Sound of Thunder" Socratic Seminar

Unit 1: Argument Writing
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Objective: Students will use their analysis of the story and their own research about time travel and the butterfly effect to have an effective discussion.

Big Idea: So What You're Saying is...

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