Reflection: Trust and Respect Looking at a Leader You Know - Section 1: Your Turn to Choose


They're gonna do it- they're gonna print off a few biographies.  They might even choose a person to compare to MLK or Gandhi that doesn't fit what you would call the "mold" of a leader. This is where opinions and bias and culture all clash.  I may not see Kanye as an exemplary leader, but because one of my guys is so enamored with him- he might.  This is why I gave permission to print off a biography of an extra person so the students wouldn't feel pressured to choose just one.  They could choose one for me and one (or more) for them.  

To all of this I say- Choose Your Battles!!  Is it a waste of paper for a girl to print off a biography of Harry Styles or Taylor Swift?  Yes, probably, but does it hurt for her to have those at home to read and reread- No.  It.  Doesn't!!  Keep a watchful eye out, but know that fighting the battle of how many biographies one kid prints out isn't one you're going to win- they're gonna do it!!

  Reflection: They're Gonna Do It
  Trust and Respect: Reflection: They're Gonna Do It
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Looking at a Leader You Know

Unit 14: Bringing Out the Leader in You
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT to find and print a biography, read it and write a paragraph comparing their leader to another we've discussed in class.

Big Idea: Analyzing leadership qualities in others leads us to recognize the leadership qualities in ourselves.

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