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I usually think of formative assessment/exit tickets as well as relevance in the context of mathematical content, but it this case I'm reflecting on an integral classroom tool, graphing calculators - students either love them as quick and easy tools or hate them as confusing extra device to learn and use.   Many of my students have little or no experience with graphing calculators when they reach my class so I integrate calculator instruction into any lessons that benefit from using the technology.

The student exit ticket responses I've selected for this reflection clearly demonstrate this love-hate relationship with calculators.  Student 1 seems to like using the calculator, but I will be visiting with her about whether or not it's truly more accurate or if she just needs to be more precise in her work.  I'll also have suggestions about how to remember which buttons have what functions on her calculator.  

In contrast, Student 2 does not seem to be very fond of the calculator since the only positive thing he said was that it could be quicker.  Fortunately most of his reluctance can be addressed by encouraging and supporting him to become more comfortable and competent with his calculator. 

  Relevance: Tools that help, or not?
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Do it with Graphs

Unit 6: Algebraic Reasoning
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT solve problems involving rational, radical, absolute value and exponential equations graphically.

Big Idea: Graphing calculators and complicated problems...a great way to get your students doing it with graphs!

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Math, algebraic relationship, Algebra, rational equations, radical equations, Algebra II, master teacher project, 11th Grade, graphing technology
  50 minutes
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