Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Building with Shapes - Section 1: Rev Them Up


This video, attempt to intro angles video.wmv, will show how important it is to continue to discuss a topic with your students over the span of days and not just as a hit and miss lesson. I believed my students had a good grasp on our shape vocabulary, but you will see in this video there is some confusion on what an angle is. I had to stop the video to use both hands and point out to my students how the lines on a triangle connect together in what they are use to calling a "bend." Also, I cut a piece of 12" yarn and showed them how I could bend it into an "angle." Then we went back through our plane shapes and identified where the angles were. Also, teach them the vertex is where the two sides of an angle meet. It is important for them to learn an angle to prepare them for future CCSS standards because it helps define special shapes, like squares, which are rectangles that have 4 equal sides, 4 vertices, and right angles.

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: FAIL!
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Building with Shapes

Unit 6: Understanding Shapes
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: SWBAT use defining attributes to build and illustrate different shapes.

Big Idea: I love blending art and math. I want my students to develop a depth of knowledge for 2D plane shapes and distinguish polygon from non-polygon shapes.

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Math, Two-Dimensional Geometry, Geometry, shapes, First Grade, Compose, construct
  35 minutes
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