Reflection: Student Ownership The Write Way to Review - Section 2: Put it into Action


This reflection is about giving students responsibility for creating their own assessment and how they respond...some complain it's too hard, while others worry that they're not "doing it right" or that it's not helping them "learn for the test".  I titled this "shifting sands" because that's what it feels like sometimes as I walked around helping and observing. 

Some students were really focused and working well while others were struggling or had stopped working altogether.  I thought this activity would be a good motivator since all the test questions were coming directly from the students, but it didn't work for everyone.  I found that those who are anxious or ever fear tests in any form as well as others who are having a hard time with the unit lessons were much less motivated.  I had to resort to other kinds of motivation, from reminding them that today's activity was a graded assignment to cajoling them into writing one question at a time. While  I expected variation in the quality of questions, but I didn't anticipate complete shutdown.  This helped to remind me how much some of my students still see school and learning as a "sit-and-get" proposition.

  Shifting Sands
  Student Ownership: Shifting Sands
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The Write Way to Review

Unit 6: Algebraic Reasoning
Lesson 6 of 7

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate understanding of algebraic reasoning by creating and writing solutions for rational and radical problems.

Big Idea: Let your students write their own test and see just how tough they can be!

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Math, algebraic relationship, Algebra, rational equations, radical equations, Algebra II, master teacher project, 11th Grade
  50 minutes
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