Reflection: Rigor Looking at Another Leader: Mahatma Gandhi - Section 2: Where Does He Fit In? Discovering Gandhi


As I look over the questions from this lesson and the last one, I realize just how complex they are.  I am in no way under the illusion that every student in my classroom is going to master these questions, but I am going to give them to all my students.  I may provide modifications like reading it to them or explaining it to them in different words.  I may even have some of my students answer the questions orally.  

I try to differentiate for my students as much as possible and I do worry about my struggling readers grappling with this type of question, but I am not going to deny them the chance to attempt to answer it- they may just surprise me!!! Besides that, how will they get exposed to them if I don't stretch and push a bit?

  Reflection: Is This Too Hard?
  Rigor: Reflection: Is This Too Hard?
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Looking at Another Leader: Mahatma Gandhi

Unit 14: Bringing Out the Leader in You
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT read and discuss the leadership characteristics possessed by two world leaders.

Big Idea: Understanding and valuing leadership characteristics in others builds leadership capacity in ourselves.

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