Reflection: Accountability Examining Martin Luther King Jr's. Leadership Through Close Reading - Section 1: Adding to the List: Reviewing Previous Learning


So in my evolution as a seasoned veteran teacher adapting to the CCSS, I have discovered that my students are VERY used to being spoon fed even when we haven't meant to do it.  This idea of the close read hit me the other day while I was reading with my students.  I direct the discussion, I ask the questions, I lead the conversations.  Shouldn't they be doing that??  It's a very awkward feeling to sit by and let my students to "my" job but my job has evolved hasn't it? I am now the facilitator jumping in only when necessary and never to give answers but provide direction and support.  

It is the idea behind the evolution that I am creating people who can and will be able to think for themselves, who can advocate for themselves and who can work with others effectively to solve problems that keeps me reminding myself to let them do it.  Just let them do it!!!

  Reflection: Why Should I Do It?
  Accountability: Reflection: Why Should I Do It?
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Examining Martin Luther King Jr's. Leadership Through Close Reading

Unit 14: Bringing Out the Leader in You
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT answer questions and discuss Martin Luther King Jr's. leadership and what to what extent his leadership characteristics played in changing the nation.

Big Idea: Understanding and valuing leadership qualities in others builds leadership capacity in ourselves.

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