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This lesson was part of a long term plan to improve my students' spelling. It's efficacy won't be immediate, and will depend on repeated practice and consistently referring to the patterns when conferencing after writing. I was glad to see two days after this lesson, that my students were able to do another sort independently, in this case using a word list. I am confident that this kind of sort, and consciously referring to spelling expectations, will give fruit. I have also decided to add a word wall to my room. In the past, I have had very good results with them, but in recent years they have been frowned upon by the District. Time to have a talk with the Principal!

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  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Will this work?
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Word Detective

Unit 3: Language and Foundational skills
Lesson 6 of 7

Objective: SWBAT find words following certain spelling patterns and sort them.

Big Idea: Attention to clues and details will solve the mystery of good spelling.

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