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This activity took much longer for students to complete than in years past. After 25 minutes, most students were not close to being ready for the Venn Diagram part of the activity. I decided to break this activity into two days: I allowed them a few more minutes to complete the interview and then collected it to complete the next day. On the second day, I explained how to complete the Venn, demonstrated with my model, and had them share their findings. It ended up working well this way. Students didn’t feel rushed to complete the activity on the first day and my fast finishers didn’t become restless waiting for others to catch up. 

  Adapting for Time
  Pacing: Adapting for Time
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Finding a New Buddy

Unit 3: Building a Classroom Community
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Objective: SWBAT meet a new friend while telling about themselves.

Big Idea: Students discover their part in the classroom community as they introduce themselves and learn about others.

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English / Language Arts, Getting to Know You, Beginning of the Year, Student Interviews
  40 minutes
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