Reflection: Lesson Planning True or False? - Section 2: Opening Discussion


I chose to give students this task, 78 > 87, for a few reasons. 


1. This allows students to pay attention to the way we write numbers. We worked on number reversals in a different unit. However, as you know as a first grade teacher, spiraling practice with reversals is key to helping students remember how to write their numbers!


2. I want students to get practice at CCSS MP3, Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others. Students should be able to analyze work and determine if it is correct or not. And then they should be able to back it up! During the Student Work Time and during the Student Share, students are having to provide multiple reasons for their answer. The days where the answer is the end of a discussion are long gone! With Common Core, the answer is just the beginning. 


3. Having students write their reasoning reinforces writing across the curriculum, a key aspect of the Common Core shift. 

  Why this activity?
  Lesson Planning: Why this activity?
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True or False?

Unit 8: Understanding Equality
Lesson 4 of 8

Objective: SWBAT sort <, > and = statements into true or false groups.

Big Idea: Take the comparison gator symbols to a whole new level in this lesson! Students apply their understanding of the inequality symbols to distinguish between statements that are true and false.

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