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As you teach a lesson, there are times when use formative assessment to 'change up' what you had planned. This is critical - teaching to student need and level is what we need to do.  I assess as I teach... How well can the students answer the questions I pose?  Are they involved in the discussion?  Do I need to reteach or extend what I had planned?  Good teachers are constantly re-evaluating and many times are flexible enough to add or drop activities based on student feedback. In this lesson, I dropped 2 activities, based on student discussion and ideas.

I had originally planned to use a powerpoint to discuss perspectives and point of view. When I introduced the characters and showed the covers, the students immediately began talking about what the dragon 'wanted' and what the knight was 'thinking'.  I quickly realized that I didn't need to show the powerpoint - the kids understood the idea of 'point of view' and 'perspective' so I skipped this.  

I had also planned an activity at the end of the lesson for the kids to create a picture with the dragon and knight templates and write more dialogue.  As I taught the lesson, I felt this was unnecessary. The kids did a GREAT job with point of view and dialoguing with the characters on the pages and I just didn't feel that they needed to write more. Typically, the love the crafts, but they had such a good time with the iPads and app, that they were formulating ideas, sharing the point of view and dialoguing without writing. I left this template on my desk and probably won't use it again since the lesson went so well.

  Flexibility: Extra materials
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What Are They Saying?? What's Their Point of View?

Unit 9: Questioning - Get to the Heart of the Text!!
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Objective: SWBAT acknowledge differences in the points of view of characters by using different voices for characters and asking evaluative questions.

Big Idea: Record the characters' voices so we can hear their point of view!

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English / Language Arts, Special Education, character thought, Reading, Listening and Speaking, 2nd Grade, voice, ipad, Tomie DePaola, questioning, Reading Strategies, illustration, point of view
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