Reflection: Grade Book and Data Analysis Seeing the Mistress of Sonnet 130 - Section 1: Daily Grammar


There were twelve points possible for this quiz.

Students were able to earn three points in the first line for uncapitalizing damp and forest, and placing a period after environment.

One point was possible in the second line.  That was earned by capitalizing salamanders.

Three points were possible in the third line.  Those were earned by placing comas between boss, ivy, and and.  The third point was for removing the apostrophe in housplants. 

Some lines didn't require any corrections, so no points were possible for those lines.

If a student made an incorrect correction, I marked it as incorrect (with an X), but didn't take points off.  If I had taken points off for that, some of my students would have scored -300 points out of twelve.

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Seeing the Mistress of Sonnet 130

Unit 8: Analyzing Ballads, Sonnets, and Popular Music
Lesson 7 of 14

Objective: Students will be able to create a visual representation of the mistress in Sonnet 130 by drawing a picture and citing evidence for details in the picture.

Big Idea: Bringing the mistress of Sonnet 130 to life through art.

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