Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge What really is "Factoring"? - Factor by Grouping - Section 1: Entry Poll


As you can see from the Student Poll Responses in my 1st period class, the students had a very difficult time explaining what factoring really is.  In fact, the vast majority of the students confused factoring with the acronym for multiplying two binomials together - ""... some even made me cringe when they said that factoring is "un-foiling".   This became a running joke in my class that whenever a student would say "unfoil" I would act like I was really upset, and emphatically say to them that its not even a real WORD! 

All jokes aside, I quickly discovered that we have some work to do in this lesson. 

The students, on the other hand, discovered a creative way to get under my skin.  (all in good spirit, however!)

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Student Poll Responses
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What really is "Factoring"? - Factor by Grouping

Unit 9: Polynomials and Problem Solving
Lesson 4 of 8

Objective: SWBAT redefine their understanding of factoring. SWBAT factor polynomials by grouping.

Big Idea: From the entry poll to the final bell, the students will redefine their knowledge of factoring!

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