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One strategy that I like to use to review answers for an example from today's lesson (see this example, Student Work - Activity).  The students whose name is written is responsible for writing their answer on the board (with work) and then explaining their answer to the class.  I purposefully choose a range of students with differing abilities;  typically, I ask students who struggle with math to do one of the beginning questions and then ask my high-fliers to complete the later (usually more challenging questions). 

Many times, students will say, I don't know if my answer is correct. I always respond, "it's ok to get an answer wrong!" Then, I usually suggest for this student to check their work with a classmate.  I have found this technique very effective in getting everyone working and also allow for more student voice and work to be analyzed in class. 

  Accountability: Getting Students to Participate
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Time for Triangles

Unit 4: Tremendous Triangles
Lesson 1 of 10

Objective: SWBAT identify key types of triangles when given angles and sides, and will prove number of degrees in a triangle.

Big Idea: Students will measure, cut and measure again to learn and prove key properties of triangles

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