Reflection: Transitions Fine Art Fact and Opinion - Section 4: Partnering Up and Choosing a Spot


So, you tell your students to find a partner and instantly there is a large group bunched together and a bunch of individuals walking aimlessly around and you end up partnering the students anyway.  That process is wasted time and energy and it teaches the students nothing about working together.

I want students to occasionally choose their own partners- especially when I don't need to worry about matching academic levels, but it takes work to get them ready to do that efficiently and effectively.  Creating the classroom culture to support this kind of partnering is super important and it happens on the very first day of school.

The other side of partnering that can get sticky is the kiddos who get left out.  It is important that the teacher know their students and watch out that the same student is not partnerless every time.  Again, carefully cultivating classroom culture will prevent this but it is important nonetheless to keep an eye out for.  In cases where the same student or couple of students get left out, I let them choose a duo to work with and create a group of three.  It keeps them from feeling left out because they get to work with the people they wanted anyway.

  Reflection: The Tricky Side of Partnering
  Transitions: Reflection: The Tricky Side of Partnering
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Fine Art Fact and Opinion

Unit 18: Read It and Rate It: A Real Life Look at Persuasive Writing
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT write a fact and opinion about a piece of art and then evaluate others' work for accuracy.

Big Idea: Determining the difference between facts and opinions is essential to comprehending texts and understanding the biases from which texts may be written.

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English / Language Arts, Writing, Persuasive Writing, fact and opinion, Fine Art
  55 minutes
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