Reflection: Accountability Helping Ideas That Work - Section 2: Implementing the Plans


I had some areas that difficulties arose that you may want to consider while planning this lesson that I address in the video. Most importantly I stress to students that this is their student-run project which helps them to take ownership of completing it. Then I remind them that rules are how societies run smoothly (can relate back to settling the colonies unit) and that they must comply with all classroom, lesson, school and home rules to be successful with their community service plans.I had a few students who procrastinated their plans and had to complete other choices (dishes, cooking, cleaning, etc.) to complete the task in the assigned times - and another who got sick and had to get an extension. I knew that I had to complete this soon because we are starting our expository unit and there is a required testing I put it back on them to adjust, adapt and problem solve to get it done. In that they made the choice for what to do and had their hearts involved in their choices, they were surprisingly resilient and resourceful in getting it done.

In the video I also discuss what to do when students have too many helpful ideas or not enough helpful ideas:      

  Problems the think about
  Accountability: Problems the think about
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Helping Ideas That Work

Unit 17: People Who Changed Our World
Lesson 9 of 11

Objective: SWBAT...implement and reflect on their community service plan to determine the effect it made in the world and on them

Big Idea: Our thoughts and effort affect the results we get. Our hard work towards achieving a goal can have a positive ripple effects on those who we come in contact with.

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