Reflection: Rigor Sharing vs. Grouping Engagement Lesson 1 - Section 3: Active Engagement


Rigor is more than the topic we teach.  It is also how we teach and how we ask the student's to show us their understanding of those concepts.  Technology is not only a useful and engaging tool, it can also create rigor. 

I believe it adds rigor because it is so public.  The students really need to focus their thinking, revise their models, defend their strategies, and creatively compose a product.  

However, as instructors using technology, we have to be patient with the program that has broken sound, or the camera that has a full card, or a student that needs extra help navigating a program, rather than the math. 

The path is not a smooth one, but the problem solving, creating, and sharing is well worth the bumps.

  Rigor in Technology
  Rigor: Rigor in Technology
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Sharing vs. Grouping Engagement Lesson 1

Unit 4: Understanding Division
Lesson 7 of 13

Objective: Students will be able to defend their understanding of sharing and grouping in division using a multimedia application.

Big Idea: Students are motivated to have their voice and understanding heard on the computer. These lessons allows them the "fame", while demanding rigor in thinking and communicating.

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Math, Script Writing, Number Sense and Operations, division, strategies, technology, grouping, composing, modeling with math, writing math stories, Word Problem
  65 minutes
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