Reflection: Writing Across the Disciplines Straight Walkin' With Statistics - Day #3 - Section 2: Creating a REAL Meaningful Paragraph


The student work sample is a screen shot from my online course web page.  I asked my students to write their meaningful paragraph on our online course page.

This student created a well-written meaningful paragraph.  The additional word that they selected to define was the CVAR (coefficient of variation).  The students analysis of the mean and median being the same on a "perfectly" normally distributed variable shows that they could connect the mean to the normal distribution.  The student failed to provide an expatiation of a confidence interval, however, which slightly hurt their performance on the activity.  

The score given to this student was an 8/10 - with a (-2) being shown for failure to incorporate  confidence interval into their meaningful paragraph.


  Writing Across the Disciplines: Sample Student Work: Meaningful Paragraph
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Straight Walkin' With Statistics - Day #3

Unit 4: Statistics: Something for Everyone
Lesson 13 of 21

Objective: SWBAT formulate their own definitions of mean, median, mode, confidence interval, and normal distribution in a writing and reflection activity

Big Idea: The students learn to use key statistical terms in meaningful paragraphs!

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Math, master teacher project, Algebra II
  45 minutes
meaningful paragraphs
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