Reflection: Real World Applications Investigating Infinite Geometric Series - Section 3: Homework Time


Please see the attached video narrative for a suggested extension of the worksheet.  If you find yourself fitting this addition into the lesson, you may want to create a "new section" of your lesson and gather all of the students attention.  (For a more personalized feel with greater audience participation, you could also talk to the whole class broken into 2-3 different groups.)

  Real World Applications: Bringing the Worksheet to Life! #15 using technology!
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Investigating Infinite Geometric Series

Unit 3: Sequences and Series
Lesson 10 of 15

Objective: Students will be able to dive into a study of the uniqueness of convergence of infinite geometric series.

Big Idea: The last several lessons have been highly practical and focused on real world application. This lesson further emphasizes mathematical questioning associated with behavior of infinite geometric series.

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