Reflection: Problem-based Approaches Problem Solving Assessment - Section 1: Problem Solving Activity


STUDENT WORK A:  This student failed to create the correct optimization equation, and instead created an inequality.  Figuring out why this happened is a tough one, and I am going to have to conference with the student to see what was going through their head at the time.  The remainder of the assessment wasn't bad, the incorrect initial equation lead them to an incorrect optimal solution.

STUDENT WORK B:  When in doubt, put both answers!  This is the philosophy of many students, and I always get a kick out of it on a test.  The student's inability to chose one or the other crippled them and they were unable to get the correct answer.  In my follow up conversations, I will encourage them to try BOTH equations (set them up accordingly) and see which answer makes sense.  

STUDENT WORK C:  An excellent job setting up the proper optimization equation (or objective function).  This particular student only mixed up a couple of constraints... they failed to realize that there is both an upper AND a lower bound on acreage, and that profit is not a constraint but rather something that we are trying to maximize.  

NOTE:  Disregard the point values shown at the top of the exam.  This test was given in conjunction with another assessment required at out school.  

  Problem-based Approaches: Student Work Samples
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Problem Solving Assessment

Unit 8: Functions, Problem Solving, and 21st Century Skills
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Objective: SWBAT showcase their growth in setting up and solving a complex problem!

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