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"24" is a math game that has students using the four operations and 4 numbers to come up with the number 24.  This is a real game that is for purchase.  I'm attaching several examples to get you started.  


I like using 24 while teaching expressions because I have the students writing their own expressions and it helps them figure out where they need to put the parenthesis. 24 can be used to develop mental math skills as well. 

Sample problems and solutions

The game has 3 different levels of play.  I've been using this with my enrichment class to help them get a better understanding of how to write expressions.


  Rigor: Another possible station or activity
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Orders of Operations - Stations

Unit 6: Expressions
Lesson 3 of 14

Objective: SWBAT use orders of operations to solve numerical expressions

Big Idea: Students love working in stations to solve numerical expressions!

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