Reflection: High Quality Task Mission Possible - 5 Scenarios in 5 Days: Day #3 - Section 3: Work Time / Rough Graph


I am sharing an example of a rough graph completed by my students on a poster-size sticky note. Although it is not a final product, it does have labeled axis, and the constraints are clearly identified. This group has done an excellent job with their work so far in the problem.  Now, it is up to them to discover the optimal solution and figure out what their graph implies!


Note: These two students were a little ahead of the rest of the class, and are the only ones who were able to get this accomplished in the time I allowed for one period.  The remainder of the class will need to finish up tomorrow, and I will provide them the time to do so.  


  High Quality Task: Student Work: Rough Graph
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Mission Possible - 5 Scenarios in 5 Days: Day #3

Unit 8: Functions, Problem Solving, and 21st Century Skills
Lesson 6 of 11

Objective: SWBAT create equations and inequalities to solve problems. SWBAT represent relationships between quantitates and constraints graphically. SWBAT interpret solutions as viable or non-viable options through the context of the mathematical model.

Big Idea: Students will work in small teams to solve a real world problem and present their findings in a whole-class business meeting!

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