Reflection: Real World Applications Mission Possible - 5 Scenarios in 5 Days: Day #2 - Section 4: Exit Slip


In this Exit Slip, you will see an example of a group who I need to meet with tomorrow.  It is clear through their responses that they have no idea what they are actually trying to maximize/minimize in their problem.  This has also lead them to misidentify the constraints.  The students have identified that they are struggling with setting up the equations, however, they have much larger issues before they are ready to tackle this.  With these particular students, I will likely ask for them to re-read through the problem with me and re-identify WHAT they are trying to maximize and minimize.  From that point on, I will see if the students can get themselves on the right track.  Fortunately, it is still only day two of the problem and it will continue to sink in as we work over the next couple of days.

  Real World Applications: Exit Slip Sample: Need to meet with this group tomorrow...
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Mission Possible - 5 Scenarios in 5 Days: Day #2

Unit 8: Functions, Problem Solving, and 21st Century Skills
Lesson 5 of 11

Objective: SWBAT create equations and inequalities to solve problems. SWBAT represent relationships between quantitates and constraints graphically. SWBAT interpret solutions as viable or non-viable options through the context of the mathematical model.

Big Idea: Students will work in small teams to solve a real world problem and present their findings in a whole-class business meeting!

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