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So, this activity ended up being really hard for them. We did not get to the poster creation part of today purely because they had such a hard time with the syntax/sentence type analysis of the activity. I had to remind them to use their novels for contextualization help and had really great conversations with students about what a definition in their own words might look like (i.e. defining clauses so that others would be able to understand what they meant by an independent clause).

I have to admit that at first their struggles were pretty discouraging, but after reflecting with my teaching partner after class, I realized that struggle just needs I need to spend more time with a concept and think about ways I could reteach the concept so that it becomes less of a struggle. For this particular activity, I am going to ask them to make their posters on Monday and extend the activity by asking them to find a quote from chapters three and four that is similar in style to the quote I provided for their analysis today.

Additionally, I am going to have them practice writing different kinds of sentence and talk about the impact different styles of sentence have on meaning or message.

Hopefully, after a few more weeks and a few more practice sessions with this, they will be better prepared to put this particular part of language into their toolbox to be used on a variety of writing assignments moving forward.

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Style Study: Tale of Two Cities Book 3 Chapters 1-2 Quote Anlaysis

Unit 9: Literary: Analysis of Narrative Style in A Tale of Two Cities
Lesson 4 of 9

Objective: SWBAT apply knowledge of how language functions to comprehend their reading by analyzing specific quotes for syntax and figurative language.

Big Idea: Let's dive in close to the text to see how Dickens' style works to enhance his message.

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