Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Comprehension Check: Visual Assessment of Books One and Two of A Tale of Two Cities - Section 1: Integrated Review Activity


So, I'm not sure I've reflected on 253 other ways that integration is cool, but there are numerous reasons that I LOVE team-teaching and the integration of my curriculum.

Specifically, in today's lesson, the integration of our contents provided a really great opportunity to create conceptual understanding of the idea of revolution. We will continue to discuss revolutions beyond this unit and beyond this class and in much more abstract ways, so giving them Briton's model gave my students the academic language to talk about trends and themes with this important concept.

Seeing how Dickens treats the French Revolution, the key historical even that Briton used to develop his theories, allows us to not only look at what happened historically, but to look at the rhetoric that is written about revolutions. The really cool thing about this with Dickens, is that he was writing nearly 50 years after the French Revolution ended, so his perspective and commentary about the war was as much influenced by his understanding of the history as his opinions about what continued to happen in France and other parts of the world in his own lifetime. We haven't gotten to this discussion point with our kids yet, but I am excited for when we do. =)

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  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Why Integration is Cool volume 254
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Comprehension Check: Visual Assessment of Books One and Two of A Tale of Two Cities

Unit 9: Literary: Analysis of Narrative Style in A Tale of Two Cities
Lesson 3 of 9

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate their comprehension of literature at the high end of their grade level band by providing written analysis of illustrations from the book.

Big Idea: Pausing to check in on if they're understanding their reading and if they can comment on the significance of certain scenes, characters or symbols before all of the big reveals in Book Three.

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