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Instead of providing my students with a traditional exit ticket, I sometimes like to give them a "Video Exit Ticket" which is a break from our normal routine.  I typically choose days to do video exit tickets when students have been working hard and I do not feel as though I need intricate knowledge about student learning.  For example, in this lesson, I know that my students are going to find this topic challenging, and will also be assessing them soon in the Unit Test. I like to keep these saved in my favorite tab on my computer to allow for easy viewing.

Hence, for today's lesson, we watched an engaging math clip which I've provided.  This video links equations, graphs and real-world situations; it is called "The Beauty of Mathematics."  My students loved it. 



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  Intrinsic Motivation: Alternate Exit Ticket
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Overlapping Triangles

Unit 4: Tremendous Triangles
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: SWBAT persevere in proving triangles congruent when given overlapping triangles.

Big Idea: Students will color, highlight and mark-up diagrams to uncover congruent triangles and prove the triangles are congruent.

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  105 minutes
proof image overlapping triangles
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