Reflection: Students with Disabilities Project and Assessment for Transformation Unit - Section 2: Projects for Transformations


I found that this project, on the Code of Arms, required differentiation for my students.  My students with organizational issues struggled with keeping track of so many points and the changes that they made; hence, I modified the assignment.  Some students were required to use 4 points and completed the transformations while other students were asked to use 6 points. 

This Code of Arms Student Work shows a student who completed a more complicated project, one with 6 points.   


  Students with Disabilities: Differentiation for Code of Arms Project
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Project and Assessment for Transformation Unit

Unit 3: Transformers and Transformations
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: Students will be assessed on topics in transformations unit.

Big Idea: Students will be assessed in multiple ways on the transformations unit using a choice of 2 projects and a formal exam.

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