Reflection: Classroom Setup Straight Walkin' With Statistics - Day #1 - Section 2: Blind Walk Data Collection


This activity started out as a lot of fun for the students!  Any time that you try something new, there is always the risk that it could flop.  However, I have been really pleased with the youtube video roll out and the data collection that my students participated in.  Although we had the field house lights off, there was just enough light coming through to the windows that we could still see to take measurements and be safe.  My students handled it really well, and there was not a lot of goofing around.  

One thing that I did not anticipate, however, is that the data collection for this activity took us the remainder of the 45 minute period to complete.  Our roll out with the youtube video took 10 minutes, our transition to the field house (and me setting up the cones) took 10 minutes, and the data collection took all of the 25 minutes remaining.  My students dismissed for their next class directly from the field house.  With this said, it may have been slightly better if I could have had the cones already set up before class, but it still would have been a tight squeeze to fit everything in time-wise in this lesson.  If you only have 45 minutes to work, plan to do nothing more than roll out the video, discuss it with your students, and collect data.  

  GREAT start! - But be conscious of the time!
  Classroom Setup: GREAT start! - But be conscious of the time!
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Straight Walkin' With Statistics - Day #1

Unit 4: Statistics: Something for Everyone
Lesson 11 of 21

Objective: The students will gain further access to statistical concepts and data collection by identifying key properties of a normal distribution and extending those properties to a new setting. They will also continue their practice of critiquing a study and identifying a multitude of variables that can arise.

Big Idea: Students will be active participants in their own study. Today will focus on data collection and looking at the initial characteristics of the data.

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Math, Algebra II, master teacher project
  45 minutes
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