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This reflection is about student understanding and using a problem-based assessment.  We spent a significant amount time during this unit building an understanding of what students call "story problems" but even so, there were a few students who really struggled with this assessment.  It was not that they couldn't do the calculations or graph the equations or even interpret the results.  It was mostly that they had difficulty figuring out what to do with the numbers in the problem in order to set up the equations and graphs. 

I assign partners for this assessment in part to reduce anxiety about story problems but that wasn't enough for all the teams.  I still found that there were one or two that needed additional support to write the constraint equations.  Rather than simply giving those students/teams a zero and letting them "off the hook" for any work on these, I used directed questions like "What variables do you want to use for chicken, rice, and broccoli?" and "How can you change 'An order of chicken and two portions of rice cost $5.00' into an equation using the variables you chose?"  I certainly make note of which students are going to need continued support and practice with "story problems", but by giving some assistance in writing the constraints I get a better idea of which students need help with the graphing and calculations rather than just a blank paper.

  Dang Story Problems!
  Intervention and Extension: Dang Story Problems!
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Creating Algebraically; Assessment

Unit 5: Creating Algebraically
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Objective: SWBAT demonstrate understanding of creating algebraically by successfully completing the assessment.

Big Idea: Teamwork is the name of the game for this assessment. Students collaborate to strut their stuff and show you what they know.

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