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This student sample shows that they definitely had fun writing the story problem and that they understood the directions.  What I really like about it, and what made me choose it to share, is the way these students worked the math into the problem.  I know that their story is from the movie "Shrek", but I appreciate that they took the story line and used it to write an interesting and engaging question.  Most of my students wrote more traditional kinds of problems like the ones we often see in textbooks, about topics that may or may not be of relevance to most students.  The feedback they got from the team who worked on their problem was also interesting, because they were asked if Shrek really had a limit on how many creatures his swamp could hold - as if the students who wrote the question had somehow become experts on the Shrek movies! 

  Relevance: Student Creations
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Make It

Unit 5: Creating Algebraically
Lesson 1 of 10

Objective: SWBAT create complex equations in one variable.

Big Idea: Turn on your storytellers with this lesson that lets them create mathematical story problems.

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Math, algebraic expression, Algebra, Linear and Nonlinear Equations, Algebra II, master teacher project, algebraic methods, 11th Grade
  55 minutes
creating equation
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