Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Hurry Up! Exploring Place Value with a Ten Frame - Section 4: Independent Practice and Informal Assessment


Wow!  Isn't it great when you see instruction come together and realize that your students really have a grasp of a concept, especially one that you thought might be challenging for them?  We have spent so much time working with these ten frames, and something amazing happened.  It was like a switch was flipped.  My students understand it!  They get it.  I was absolutely amazed how they counted for me, showing their understanding that a full ten frame is "ten" and counting on from that point.  They are learning that a number can be broken down into tens and ones.  This will be a lot of fun to further explore in upcoming lessons.

It was a long hard road to get to this point, but as you see the videos of my students counting, it is clear that get this concept.  "Going slow to go fast" really paid off with this instruction around this concept.

  Hurry Up! Exploring Place Value with a Ten Frame
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Hurry Up! Exploring Place Value with a Ten Frame
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Hurry Up! Exploring Place Value with a Ten Frame

Unit 4: Working with Numbers 11-20
Lesson 5 of 17

Objective: Student will be able to count numbers 11-20 by decomposing the number to a ten and ones.

Big Idea: Students have been working extensively with ten frames, now they can use this knowledge to understand place value.

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Math, Place Value, Critical Area, counting, base 10, Numbers
  45 minutes
sam runs
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