Reflection: Relevance Stepping into Box Plots - Section 1: Entry Event – Shoe Sizes!


I made a mistake on this one and didn't follow my own plan!  

As the students entered the room, I mistakingly had written for them to record shoe SIZES on the board, to shoe measurements (in cm) as is detailed in the lesson plan.  As we began analyzing the data, one student spoke up by raising his hand and saying "Aren't boys and girls shoe sizes different?"  I was taken back at first, because YES, they are!  It was a great discussion with the class and the student made an excellent conclusion about our data set.  The fact that boys and girls shoe sizes are different skewed out data.  

I feel as though my honest mistake still taught the students something mathematically.  It turned out to be a really neat addition to the lesson that I had not originally anticipated.  I actually made the most out of an honest mistake, and the students learn a lot from seeing how a teacher responds in moments like these.  

  Oooops! Use cm measures for feet, not sizes!
  Relevance: Oooops! Use cm measures for feet, not sizes!
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Stepping into Box Plots

Unit 4: Statistics: Something for Everyone
Lesson 4 of 21

Objective: Students will be able to participate in the data collection of a whole class observational study. They will learn about the benefits and pitfalls of displaying data in a box plot and set the stage for motivating future lessons.

Big Idea: Boring Box Plots got you down? Teach them through foot sizes!

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