Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Exploring Exponents - Section 4: White board show down


My original plan was to have the students work out the Showdown problems and then show me their solutions on the white board.  I did do this, but I decided to have the students partner up in different ways so that they could explain their solution to a variety of partners. 

The students would work on the problem in solo silent mode (alone).  Then I would move them to new partners after each problem by doing the following:


Rows 1,3, and 5 all move up one seat.

Move to the left or right one seat.

A's stand up, find an empty seat next to a B.

B's stand up, find an empty seat next to an A.

I enjoyed doing this for a couple of reasons.  First, students get to partner up with other students that they may not normally work with.  Students were told to explain their steps to solving their problems and each person got a chance to speak.  Second, this allowed students to get up and move around which creates opportunity to re-engage with the learning.  The more opportunities we give for movement, increases the prime-time learning.  

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Exploring Exponents

Unit 6: Expressions
Lesson 1 of 14

Objective: SWBAT identify the parts of an exponent and find the value of each expression including variables and fractions through cooperative learning strategies.

Big Idea: Learning about exponents helps students think about and understand expressions.

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