Reflection: Introduction to Walden - Section 2: Walden Visualization Challenge


For the first time this year, I asked students to read a challenging text independently--and they didn't bat an eye! I attribute this to several factors:

  1. Students have practiced reading challenging text with support all year, so they are feeling more confident about reading and analyzing on their own.
  2. Students still had minimal support via their partners (rather than the whole class).
  3. The competition motivated students to work out the text meaning on their own; after all, they didn't want their classmates getting clues from their questions!

It is AWESOME to see scaffolding and motivation come together for student success; by the end of this unit, they will be ready to tackle any text on their own.

  Challenge Leads to Independent Reading
  Challenge Leads to Independent Reading
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Introduction to Walden

Unit 4: Text Structure and Language Use in Informational Texts
Lesson 8 of 17

Objective: Students will be able to close read for details by sketching Thoreau's cabin based on his description.

Big Idea: A cabin in the woods--visualizing Walden.

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English / Language Arts, nonfiction (analysis), Nonfiction Literature, Walden, close reading, detail, visualization
  45 minutes
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