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I found it was essential to balance personalities for this activity and prioritize that over setting up partnerships by skill level.  I paired two students that I thought would be successful, and on this day for this activity, it did not succeed.  I chose to reassign each of these students to create a group of three with other partners who were working successfully together. I did this because I wanted the students to stay focused on the math and the math discussion instead of having personal conflict affect the classroom.  When this happened, I approached the students to ask about their math discussion.  I find that having the students describe their discussion and take ownership for their engagement in the task makes it easier to regroup students when needed.  This also removes me from the role of reprimanding students and keeps me as a facilitator for learning. 

Some of the students I paired together both had succeeded in ordering fractions, so this activity was a review for them.  However, they were still engaged in a teaching and learning skills.

  Choosing Partners Carefully
  Student Communication: Choosing Partners Carefully
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Ordering Fractions With Partners

Unit 4: Fractions
Lesson 6 of 18

Objective: SWBAT to practice ordering fractions on a number line by teaching each other.

Big Idea: Students teaching and learning from each other improves and enhances their learning and understanding in a reteach of this concept.

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