Reflection: Intervention and Extension Night of the Twisters: Similarities and differences Between Multiple Perspectives of the Same Topic - Section 2: Guided Practice


Today I actually had scholars write on their post-it notes as they prepared for the seminar in guided practice.  Scholars wrote things on the post-it notes to help them remember what the quote related to that they found.  For example, some scholars wrote "differences" or "similarity" to help them remember that the quote related to a difference or similarity in perspective that they wanted to share.  Other scholars wrote things like "Dan" or "Warren Faidly" because the quote supported the way in which that person would describe the event of experiencing a tornado.  Here is an example of the post it scaffold.  The student wrote Arthur to indicate that there is evidence here that supports how Arthur might describe a tornado.  

  Intervention and Extension: Additional Scaffold
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Night of the Twisters: Similarities and differences Between Multiple Perspectives of the Same Topic

Unit 7: Nature's Fury - Part III
Lesson 3 of 12

Objective: SWBAT compare and contrast multiple accounts of tornadoes during a Socratic Seminar.

Big Idea: What are the similarities and differences between multiple accounts of tornadoes? Why do those similarities & differences exist?

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