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For me a great place to look for outside community member contacts is my social studies/economics department.  In our school, those classes are already paired up with an outside community member for a program called Junior Achievement.  It is very easy to see if one or two of these volunteers would be interested in staying for an additional period, and visiting with students in a math classroom.  

A few additional suggestions:

1)  Keep a running record of visitors to your room, as well as their positions and places of employment.  This not only provides you with a future list of contacts, but it is great information to share with your evaluator and others. 

2)  Send thank you emails and/or letters to participants. Maybe even get students involved.

3)  If the person did an exceptional job, email their boss letting them know of the person's significant contribution to you class.  


  Outside Community Members Suggestions
  Real World Applications: Outside Community Members Suggestions
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Mortgages and Geometric Series DAY #3

Unit 3: Sequences and Series
Lesson 8 of 15

Objective: Students will be able to apply their knowledge of a geometric series to the calculation of a mortgage payment!

Big Idea: Students will work as bankers explaining how a mortgage payment is calculated to an acting client.

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