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For the first couple of periods that I taught this lesson, it went really well!  However, after the second lesson, I quickly wondered if I could have even a little more fun with it.  My philosophy of teaching has always been if the teacher is having fun, chances are the students are too. 

For the third and final run-through of this lesson, I scrapped the opening powerpoint slide in favor of a "real life" winner.  During lunch, I went and talked to a teacher down the hall who also loves to have fun with kids.  We share a lot of the same students and I knew that he would be a great actor - plus, he loves drinking soda.  

The teacher excitedly agreed to storm into the start of my 5th period class and shout "I WON!"  We then decided that he and I would excitedly engage in a conversation about what we could do with the money, and then act like we were going to leave the school building.  Just before doing this, we would peel back the label to realize that we had two options for our prize package (the same two options that were on the PowerPoint slide that I used with the other classes).  Prior to leaving for Hawaii, we would ask the students to help us out in deciding which option is the best.  

THE STUDENTS LOVED THIS... Even high school kids appreciate a little staged acting every now and then.  It is also really funny for the kids when they realize that we had better not leave the school after all.  The other teacher also appreciated the skit because the students talked about it in his class for several days.  Although it was fun acting and engaging in the mathematics, it also modeled to the students a level of collaboration between teachers of various disciplines.  Little things like this go a long way to promoting a positive community of learning in a high school.  


  A little fun with a fellow teacher...
  Joy: A little fun with a fellow teacher...
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A Double-Dose of Series Application

Unit 3: Sequences and Series
Lesson 5 of 15

Objective: Students will be able to make use of structure to further apply their knowledge of series to two challenging scenarios.

Big Idea: The students will persevere through a ‘series’ of challenging problems on their way to building their knowledge of series!

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, Algebra, Patterns (Algebra), Algebra II, master teacher project, 11th Grade
  40 minutes
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