Reflection: Sam Takes Inventory-Counting Numbers 11-20 in a Ten Frame - Section 4: Independent Practice and Informal Assessment


After all the work with the Ten Frames, it was very tempting to have the students count the dots in the ten frame as a group of ten and then ones.  Starting with 10 would be faster, and the next lesson will take the students to this step, but it was important for the students to work through this process.  They need to know that a full ten frame is ten.  It would be easier to just to tell this students this, but they need to build the conceptual understanding on their own. 

I found it interesting that none of the students counted on from 10 in this activity.  I thought that some of my advanced students would have figured this out, but they did not.  I am excited to see if the students are able to make the jump to counting on from 10 and the beginning steps of decomposing teen numbers into tens and ones.

  Sam Takes Inventory
  Sam Takes Inventory
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Sam Takes Inventory-Counting Numbers 11-20 in a Ten Frame

Unit 4: Working with Numbers 11-20
Lesson 2 of 17

Objective: Student will be able to count numbers 11-20, represented by a Ten Frame.

Big Idea: Ten Frames are a useful tool for students to understand place value and decomposition of teen numbers.

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Math, Place Value, Critical Area, counting, base 10, Numbers
  45 minutes
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