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One of my goals for my students is that they assume more responsibility for their own learning.  To encourage this I try to regularly incorporate opportunities for conjecture and reflection into my lessons.  These notecards show before and after thinking for two students.  I selected these to share because they represent different opinions and levels of thinking.  Student #1 doesn't have a mathematically solid reason for his opinion while student #2 is clearly working from an understanding of where complex numbers fit in the larger scheme of numbers.  Their end-of-lesson reflections are also good examples of different levels of thinking as student #1 accepts that complex numbers "work like polynomials because they do" while student #2 shows confidence in his original reasoning as supported by the results of the lesson.  I'll need to keep working with student #1 to strengthen his understanding of the coherence of mathematics and may need to find ways to enrich the lessons for student #2.

  Student Ownership: Student opinions
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Indentify That!

Unit 4: Complex Numbers
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT extend polynomial identities to complex numbers.

Big Idea: Identities can be complex and confusing...this lesson helps your students make sense of polynomial identities and complex numbers!

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Math, Algebra, Quadratic Equations, complex numbers, Algebra II, master teacher project, algebraic methods, 11th Grade
  55 minutes
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