Reflection: Modeling Using Persuasion to Influence our Audience - Section 2: Guiding the Learning


I chose to model this graphic organizer format because there are so many parts to include in a persuasive or expository essay. By completing one with me/class first they can get their ideas in line and begin to get an example of some topics they can discuss in their own essay. They will be using this a lot more with Common Core and in college so I really stress being sure to add all the components. I found an organizer similar to this on the ReadWrite website and adapted its format to match our expectations for a counter argument. I like that it explains the sections and expectations for each below each column so that I don't have to repeat this so many times as they work. What I don't like is the small areas to write, but later I teach them, how to create their own which can fit their own areas. I also adapted this format to not only debate but to offer emotional and factual statements that influence of their expected audience. I have them identify these with icons on their own chart - see the video examples and explanation of this - hope it helps you, too!


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Using Persuasion to Influence our Audience

Unit 17: People Who Changed Our World
Lesson 10 of 11

Objective: SWBAT...draft and write a persuasive essay explaining the benefits of their community service plan.

Big Idea: To effect a change we need to share our ideas with others.

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