Reflection: Performance Tasks Our Socratic Seminar - Section 3: Did They Get It?


I show you my Socratic grades for 2 reasons:

1.  I am particularly proud of the system I have found to use.  I make marks each time a student speaks or asks a question.  I have a way to make note of a particularly insightful comment or question and a way to mark the students who are speaking, but who are simply repeating what someone else said.

2.  My messy process.  Whenever I'm grading, I get really caught up in being fair to students and finding a way to assess their skills.  I will argue these two points in my head until I've about driven myself insane. 

Is this rubric perfect? Absolutely not.  However, this is where I will start next year!

  Performance Tasks: Assessing a Discussion
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Our Socratic Seminar

Unit 12: The Socratic Seminar
Lesson 3 of 3

Objective: SWBAT participate in a collegial discussion based on a nonfiction text.

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