Reflection: Student Ownership First Day! Welcome to an EXCITING Journey! - Section 3: Mission Statement and Slogan Activity


I have shared* some sample mission statements in this reflection. These were a lot of fun for the students to create, and they love comparing their work to the mission statements of the other classes.  It was a great way to build bonds between students and lay the framework for a classroom culture.  Additionally, these mission statements hang in the hallway directly outside of my classroom door, which a great way to share with the greater school community.

Looking forward I am plan to improve on this activity and do something a little bit different.  I would really like the students to incorporate mathematical vocabulary into their missions and slogans.  This will help to show me what they know, and how comfortable the students are with speaking mathematically.  I am hoping to be pleasantly surprised by the students prerequisite skills as the language of the Common Core manifests itself from year to year. 



*I overlaid the mission statements on top of each other only to mask student names.


  Student Ownership: Sample Missions and Slogans
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First Day! Welcome to an EXCITING Journey!

Unit 1: Culture Building Unit - Welcome to the New Year!
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Objective: SWBAT take an active role in shaping the culture of the classroom and learn about the value of the math practice standards.

Big Idea: With riddles, funny interviews, mission statements and slogans, this culture building unit helps get the year off to an exciting start!

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