Reflection: Problem-based Approaches Using Sentence Stems to Spawn Stories - Section 3: Wrap Up


Ugh! My students are getting really bored with reflections. I use the Reflection stems often, but sometimes switch it up to exit slips. Recent student work is showing that my students need to amp up the reflection each class--especially because it's "the super glue" that hold the lesson together. Students need to be able to wrap up their thinking before they leave class. It's helpful for me that they tie the lesson in a pretty, little bow before they leave. When they are making surface-level connections, they aren't making true meaning out of the lesson. 

So...this is something that I'm grappling with. Maybe I need to make it an opportunity for discourse. Maybe I need to check their reflections before they leave. Maybe I need a "Parking Lot." Not sure yet, but something's going to have to change.

  Problem-based Approaches: Stagnant Reflections
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Using Sentence Stems to Spawn Stories

Unit 2: Short Story
Lesson 10 of 11

Objective: SWBAT: build back up their writing stamina after an extended break.

Big Idea: My school had an extra-long break due to some Winter Weather. By getting kids right back in to an engaging Story Starter, they can get back on track with reading and writing goals.

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English / Language Arts, Short Stories, Writing, Reading, peer review, story starter, independent reading
  55 minutes
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