Reflection: Routines and Procedures Mission Possible - 5 Scenarios in 5 Days: Day #4 - Section 3: Optional Workshop Request Forms


After collecting student workshop request responses, I quickly realized that almost all of the groups were communicating with me throughout the course of their work time, and very few students had needs that I did not foresee.  Although I did not receive a lot of surprising requests, asking the students to request workshops was beneficial because it reiterated to the students that THEY have the steering wheel in their learning.  Student-led inquiry is a significant piece of my classroom culture, and although the feedback for workshop requests was not surprising, it did model to the students that they must ASK for instruction in order to receive it in this unit.  

  Workshop Requests Recieved
  Routines and Procedures: Workshop Requests Recieved
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Mission Possible - 5 Scenarios in 5 Days: Day #4

Unit 8: Functions, Problem Solving, and 21st Century Skills
Lesson 7 of 11

Objective: SWBAT create equations and inequalities to solve problems. SWBAT represent relationships between quantitates and constraints graphically. SWBAT interpret solutions as viable or non-viable options through the context of the mathematical model.

Big Idea: Students will work in small teams to solve a real world problem and present their findings in a whole-class business meeting!

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