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In this lesson I tried to have my students write contracts, however, I felt as though it killed the vibe for the class and all of the great momentum that we generated throughout the roll out of the lesson.  Most of the student contracts were vague, and contained wishy-washy phrases like "everyone will work hard" etc.  Although the remainder of the class period was not a total waste, it definitely wasn't as focused as the first several minutes of class.  

My Recommendation:  It can still be very beneficial for the students to write a contract, however, encourage them to put things of significance into it.  If the students have not done this before, they will need coaching on this.  Try writing a sample contract about what you expect from them.  This may not be the most appropriate lesson to share this with the students due to time constraints, but it would be a nice fit in a previous group-work type lesson that allows for more time.  

I have attached a helpful "Why Groups Need a Contract" presentation my school uses to generate common expectations for group work across various classes. 

  Accountability: Contracts - Additional Info and Modifications
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Mission Impossible: Roll Out

Unit 8: Functions, Problem Solving, and 21st Century Skills
Lesson 1 of 11

Objective: SWBAT represent the flights of two military aircraft visually (diagrams) and algebraically (expressions and equations). SWBAT collaborate and problem solve effectively.

Big Idea: A review of D=rt and systems of equations - "Mission success criteria: When do the aircrafts depart?"

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Math, Algebra, Function Operations and Inverses, Algebra II, master teacher project
  45 minutes
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