Reflection: Native American Cinderella: We Don't All Wear a Glass Slipper! Day 2 of 5 - Section 2: Review of Day One: Gather Around the Fire With the Great Storyteller!


The students love gathering and learning around our fire with "The Great Storyteller".  Through informal assessment I'm able to see which students are grasping the retelling/recounting skill, and which students need further support.

  Lesson Opener Reflection:
  Lesson Opener Reflection:
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Native American Cinderella: We Don't All Wear a Glass Slipper! Day 2 of 5

Unit 1: Generational Stories, Favorites that are Retold, and Native American Unit
Lesson 10 of 13

Objective: SWBAT have small and large group topic-specific conversations following agreed upon rules for listening and discussion. SWBAT recount a folktale including the genre, characters, setting, plot, problem/solution, and the central lesson. SWBAT cite evidence from the text to support the author's central lesson.

Big Idea: Today the students experience their first Native American folktale, The Rough-Face Girl. They complete activities related to retelling and citing evidence of the author's lesson, and make the connection that Cinderella stories are generational literature.

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English / Language Arts, Native American literature, Literature, native peoples, traditions, Reading, oral traditions, setting (Creative Writing), Native American, Rafe Martin, Rough, Native, American, Algonquin, retelling, Algonquin tribe, past, Stories, Retell, recount, story, recounting, traditional literature, generational stories, generational, cinderella, folktale, oral, grade 3, grade three, third, Grade, stories worth telling, again and again, storytelling, smart board, Rough, Girl, faces, plot
  60 minutes
native american cinderella
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